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What should I do if my personal information, such as my registered address, telephone number or employer, has changed (including cases where my written address has changed because of reasons such as a municipality merger)?


The following is the answer regarding what to do when registered customer information has changed.
Logon to the Direct Banking Service, and update your information from "Customer information change (i.e. telephone
number, occupation)" under the "Customer Service" menu.

The following items can be changed.

(1) Address
Postal code, address, name of apartment or condominium, room number

(2) Registered telephone number
Home telephone number, mobile phone number

(3) Occupation and place of employment
Occupation, company/organization/school name, phone number of your company/organization/school

(4) Other
Transaction purpose, head-of-household classification

You can access the page directly from this link.

(Click here for smartphone users.)

Note that you can also call the Contact Center or via a Seven Bank ATM to update your information.

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