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I reissued my Seven Bank Cash Card and I received my new card. What should I do with my old card?

Read the following carefully, cut the IC chip with scissors, and destroy the old cash card.
- Your old cash card will be invalid when you use your new cash card or register your new card with the Direct Banking Service.

- Even if your new and old cards are both nanaco integrated cards, the balance of your old nanaco (electronic money and points) is not transferred to the new card.
Spend the balance of your old nanaco card.

- If you have not set (or changed) the Direct Banking Service logon ID* at all, your ID with the old cash card (ID on the back of the cash card or Direct Banking Card) is set as the logon ID for the Direct Banking Service.

* You can set your log on ID. Please go to Various Procedures to set your log on ID.
You can directly log on to the applicable page from here.
(If you are using a smartphone, click here.)

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