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What is a temporary PIN?

A temporary PIN is a PIN that is temporarily issued by Seven Bank for use by a customer in various procedures. You cannot withdraw cash from ATMs or use the Direct Banking Service without first changing the temporary PIN. Once you receive an email with a temporary PIN or a postcard with a Notification of a Temporary PIN, change the temporary PIN to your password with the Direct Banking Service or at an ATM.
After changing the temporary PIN, you can then withdraw cash from ATMs or start using the Direct Banking Service.

How to change your PIN
(1) Direct Banking Service
- For first-time users
Register for the Direct Banking Service here.
(If you are using a smartphone, click here.)
- For those who have already registered to use the Direct Banking Service
Log on to the Direct Banking Service and follow the instructions on the screen.
You can log on here.

(2) Seven Bank ATM
Insert the Seven Bank cash card and tap Change PIN to change your PIN.

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