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What are Seven Bank's medium-term management strategy?

In order to achieve continuous growth, we’re working to expand ATM usage and create new profit.

In our ATM business, we’re endeavoring to expand our user base and number of ATMs even further.
Expanding our user base will involve collaboration with alliance partners and promotions aimed at customers who haven’t used Seven Bank ATMs before.
Expanding the number of ATMs will involve proactive efforts to deploy ATMs outside the group while we continue to steadily install new machines inside the group.

In our financial services business, we’re working to make Seven Bank accounts more convenient by providing a comprehensive range of services that include international money transfers, loan services for individuals, and sales proceeds deposits in addition to ordinary deposits and time deposits.
Furthermore, with regard to international development, we also plan to continue installing ATMs in the US, which is the largest ATM market.

With regard to new businesses, we continue to make the most of Seven Bank’s expertise and infrastructure by forging ahead with new business opportunities.

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