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I tried to set up my account, but the email (for confirming the email address) did not arrive.

When you apply to set up an account, you register your email address.
An email is sent to the registered address to confirm that the address is correct. Please follow the instructions in that email.
If your email system has been set to filter received emails (for example, to avoid spam) and the setting excludes the domain that our emails use, then you will be unable to receive any emails sent from us.

Change the settings as follows so that you can receive email from the following address:
(1) If you are setting up an immediate account based on My Seven Bank (smartphone app):
(2) If you are setting up an online account or an account by Post Office mail:

For details on how to specify the settings, see the website of your phone company and/or provider.

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Thank you for your response.

We will consider it for future reference.