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What steps do I need to take as per the "Criminal Accounts Damage Recovery Act" to be reimbursed for stolen funds?

The first step is to contact the police or the financial institution in charge of the receiving account if you believe you have been a victim of a bank transfer scam or other fraud. Please then follow the process below.
(1) Refer to announcements with information from financial institutions about bank accounts used for crimes that are eligible for damage recovery benefits on the Deposit Insurance Corporation's website.

(2) If your victimized account is among those mentioned in the announcement in (1) above, submit identity verification documents, a request form, and proof of the transfer to the financial institution in charge of the account being announced during the request period (at least 30 days) stated in the announcement, then request payment of funds.

(3) The financial institution will review the request, verify your identity, determine the amount of benefits, and pay these benefits in accordance with rules provided for in the "Will all funds stolen through bank transfer scams be returned?" section of this FAQ.

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