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After submitting the automatic payment request form, I received an email asking me to register for the Automatic Payment Service. Besides submitting the request form, do I need to do anything else?

Log on to the Direct Banking Service, and then confirm your application for the Automatic Payment Service.

After the available company receives your automatic payment request form, the company sends the request form to Seven Bank. When we receive the request form, we will send an email titled "Please register to the Automatic Payment Service" to your registered email address.
Follow the instructions in the email to confirm your application via the Direct Banking Service by the deadline.

To go directly to the applicable page after logging on, click here.

Note that, if you do not confirm your application by the deadline specified in the email, your automatic payment request form will be returned to the available company.

* Emails requesting registration for the Automatic Payment Service are sent only to customers who use the Direct Banking Service.

For an overview of the procedure, click here. (Japanese only)

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Thank you for your response.

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