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What is the interest rate if I cancel my time deposit before maturity?

Interest rates when time deposits are canceled before maturity vary depending on the cancellation type, as follows:

For time deposits that are canceled in whole before the maturity date:
We will return the principal amount with interest compounded semi-annually based on the interest rate (rounded down to three decimal places) for the actual deposit term.

For time deposits that are canceled in part before the maturity date:
The interest rate according to the deposit period is applied to the canceled amount.
The original interest rate (the interest rate assuming the time deposit is to be held until the maturity date) is applied to the remaining amount.
However, if the deposit term is less than one year, the normal deposit rate is applied as the interest rate when the time deposit is canceled before maturity.

For more information about applied interest rates and the handling of time deposits canceled before maturity, click here.

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