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I tried to pay with my Seven Bank Cash Card with Debit Card Service but payment failed. Why?

The following reasons may be why you couldn't use your card:

(1) Your account balance is insufficient
The balance of the registered Seven Bank account is insufficient. Make a deposit to use your card.

(2) If your payment amount exceeds the debit card limit
Click here to check the debit card limit.
* You may not be able to use the contactless payment method at some stores if the payment amount exceeds a certain limit. In this case, insert your cash card into the terminal device.
Access the MyJCB website to check or change your debit card limit.
Log on to the Direct Banking Service from here and tap “Jump to MyJCB,” then you can log on to MyJCB.
(Click here if you are using a smartphone.)

(3) You used your card at a merchant that does not accept the card
There are some services that do not accept the Debit Card Service such as expressways and in-flight sales.
For details on merchants that do not accept the card, click here.

(4) Others
There are several other possible reasons, including entering an incorrect password, a defective IC chip, or card expiration. If you are unsure why you cannot use your card, contact the Contact Center.

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