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What kinds of identity verification documents are necessary to apply for a Seven Bank account?

When applying for opening an account by mail, the applicant is required to submit "2 identity verification documents" or "1 identity verification document and 1 receipt, etc. (2 in total)".

  The "receipt, etc." includes the following.
(1) Receipt for/certificate of tax payment of national or local tax
(2) Receipt for social insurance premiums
(3) Receipt for public utility charges

  * If a receipt for public utility charges issued to the applicant him/herself is not available, it can be substituted by one issued to the applicant's relative who has the same last name as and lives together with the applicant (it must indicate the same address as the address entered in the application form).

For information on the identity verification documents and official certificates that are required to apply for an account, on the documents required for those who are younger than 15 years old, etc., click here.

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