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I had my Seven Bank cash card reissued, and the new cash card has arrived. Do I need to perform any procedures for direct banking?


The following is the answer regarding procedures to be performed for the direct banking service when your Seven Bank cash card is reissued.

If reissuance is performed while your old card is still valid, after your new card arrives, you must perform the procedure to verify the arrival of your cash card via the direct banking service.
Note: If you have already used your new card at an ATM or if reissuance was performed for an old card that is no longer valid, you do not need to perform any procedures.

Log on to the direct banking service, and then click "Usage start registration" from the "Cash card arrival verification" screen. Enter your customer ID and the verification number for your new card, to enable your new card for use via direct banking.

Note: If your new card has not arrived yet, you can click "Not arrived yet" to enable use of your old card with the direct banking service.

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