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I have an agreement for the International Money Transfer Service, but, when I tried to make an international money transfer, I got an error message and was unable to complete the transaction. What should I do?

If you have an international money transfer agreement but you got an error message and was unable to complete the transaction, this happened possibly for any of the following reasons.

■There has been a change to your address registered with Seven Bank
Seven Bank sends you postcards requesting you to check your registered information and other postal items periodically. If any of these postal items did not reach your registered address, we notify you on the ATM screen or email.
However, if you have not completed the procedure to change your address within a certain period, we may suspend some of your transactions.
Please log on to the Direct Banking Service and check whether your registered address is correct.
If there has been a change to your address, complete the procedure to change the address from "Customer Service," then, the error will be solved and you will be able to complete the procedure for international money transfer.
You can access the relevant page from here.
(If you are using a smartphone, clickhere .)

■You use the forwarding service to have postal items redirected from the address registered with Seven Bank to another address
Seven Bank sends postal items without using the forwarding service. If you have submitted the relocation form to the post office, please contact the Contact Center.
We will check the status and inform you of the procedure to follow.

■You have not registered your individual number
If there is any problem with the registration of your individual number when you apply for the International Money Transfer Service, we send a notice concerning your individual number.
Please check the notice and complete the registration procedure.
* It takes a few days after you submit your individual number until you can make an international money transfer.

■The amount of international money transfer you intend to make exceeds the transfer limit
You cannot make an international money transfer beyond the transfer limit.
For the transfer limit, check here.

The transfer limit is specified separately by Seven Bank, Western Union, and the payout country.
Please note that if the amount of transfer exceeds the transfer limit, you cannot make an international money transfer until the end of the month or end of the year (December 31).

If none of the above cases applies, the cause of the failure of international money transfer may be the status of international communications or the high system load.
In such case, the problem can be solved in a few days in general.Please try again later.

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