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My "My Seven Bank App" is linked to "nanaco".  My nanaco-integrated cash card with debit card service was reissued and ”nanaco” number has been changed. Please instruct me how to reset my account with the new "nanaco" number.

Please follow the steps shown below to make a re-setting.

【How to make a re-setting for the linkage with nanaco in the My Seven Bank App】
1. Tap " nanaco連携 (Linkage  with nanaco) " under the " その他 (Other) " menu in the My Seven Bank App.
2. Tap " 連携設定を解除する (Cancel the linkage) ".
3. Tap " nanaco連携 (Linkage with nanaco) " on the " ホーム (Home) " screen.
4. Make a re-setting following the instructions displayed on the screen.

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Thank you for your response.

We will consider it for future reference.