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What is J/secure2.0?

J/Secure2.0 is a service in which Seven Bank will acquire your device information (information concerning a PC, smartphone, tablet or any other device you used upon conducting an online transaction), and online transaction information (transaction information including your name, email address, telephone number, address for the delivery of the purchased goods, and address for the delivery of the invoice, which you entered on the purchase screen, etc. at the member store), and use such information for identity authentication.
Seven Bank will provide device information and online transaction information thus acquired to the fraud detection service provider (ThreatMetrix) to conduct fraud detection analysis. ThreatMetrix will store the information used for analysis for a certain period of time after converting that information into a format from which your identity cannot be directly recognized, and will use the converted information in conducting fraud detection analysis for other organizations.
For more information about J/Secure and fraud detection analysis, click here.

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