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When I used a Seven Bank ATM, a notice titled "Request to comfirm customer information" was displayed.I tapped the wrong button, making a mistake between "Yes" and "No." What should I do?

For details of the content displayed on the screen, please inquire with the bank or company with which you have conducted transactions.
If your registered customer information remains incorrect, your transactions (e.g., withdrawal using a cash card) may be restricted in whole or in part based on the decision by the relevant bank or company.

- To customers using Seven Bank accounts
You do not need to inform us of the correction of your reply. If there is a change to your registered customer information, please perform the procedure for changing your registered information.
If you use an ATM, select Seven Bank from the menu and complete the procedure for changing your registered information.
Click here for the details of how to perform procedures via an ATM.

In addition to an ATM, you can change your registered information via the Direct Banking Service.
Click here for details.(Japanese Only)

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Thank you for your response.

We will consider it for future reference.