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When I used a Seven Bank ATM, a notice titled "Request to comfirm customer information" was displayed.As there was a change to my registered information, I selected "Yes." What will happen if I do not perform the procedure for changing the information?

Please inquire with the bank or company with which you have conducted transactions.
If you fail to complete the procedure for changing your registered information although you have selected "Yes ," your transactions (e.g., withdrawal using a cash card) may be restricted in whole or in part based on the decision by the relevant bank or company.

- To customers using Seven Bank accounts
Seven Bank asks its customers to check their customer information periodically to confirm whether their registered information (telephone number, purpose of transaction, occupation, etc.) is kept updated, depending on the content and situation of their transactions.

* If you fail to reply to us despite a change in your customer information, we may restrict your transactions in whole or in part.

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