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I made an application for a procedure via ATM Madoguchi (open an account / change information), and then I received an SMS. In what situation do I receive an SMS? Is this a legitimate one?

If you apply for a procedure via ATM Madoguchi, we will send an SMS to the mobile phone number you entered via the ATM, on the following occasions.
- When we accepted your application made via the ATM
- When we were unable to confirm your name or address using the identity verification document you submitted upon making the application via the ATM, for reasons such as that some letters are missing or faded.

The SMS is sent from "0120347187" or "242228," and the name of the bank or company you use is indicated in the text.

- To customers using Seven Bank accounts
Click here if you use a Seven Bank account.(Japanese Only)

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Thank you for your response.

We will consider it for future reference.