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I was unable to conduct a transaction (withdrawal of money) via a Seven Bank ATM, and I received a receipt requesting the submission of an image of the residence card. Do I have to submit my residence card in order to be able to use my account again?

■You need to submit your residence card in order to be able to use your account again
As part of our measures against money laundering and terrorist financing, we request our customers with foreign nationalities to submit their residence cards.
In order to be able to use your account again, please submit your residence card that has been renewed, from the webpage indicated on the receipt.
You can use your account again after the registration of the renewed card information is completed (it usually takes about three to five business days).
* You can also complete the submission procedure from the following link within the Seven Bank website.
Residence Card Submission Site

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Thank you for your response.

We will consider it for future reference.