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I tried to open an account but I have not received an email from Seven Bank (for conformation of the email address).

The reason why you have not received an email from Seven Bank may be any of the following.

■You have restricted your incoming emails
Change the settings so that you can receive emails sent from the following email addresses.
For how to set your incoming emails, check the website of your mobile phone carrier or internet service provider.
(1) For opening an account using the SEVEN BANK Money Transfer App (smartphone app)
(2) For opening an account by mail

■Emails from Seven Bank are sorted into your junk mail folder or spam mail folder
Check your junk mail or spam mail folder.

■You entered an incorrect email address
Register your email address again.

■The email address you entered is ineligible for registration
Email addresses that do not conform to the global common internet communication standards, RFC (Request for Comments), such as the following, are ineligible for registration. Register another email address.
(1) Periods (.) are used in succession
(2) A period is used at the beginning of the email or immediately before the at mark (@)

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