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I am planning on moving overseas. How can I change my registered information, such as my address?


Seven Bank accounts are for private individuals in Japan only. Therefore, if you move overseas, you will need to terminate your account.

To terminate your account, you might need to contact us via telephone or submit an application form, depending on the status of your account balance, etc.

First, have your cash card ready, and contact the Contact Center.

We will transfer the balance of your account to an account (an account under your name) at another financial institution that you specify. (Seven Bank will pay the transfer fee.)

* If you have a time deposit, it will be canceled before maturity.
* If you are using our loan service, make sure you have paid back the loan in full.

(1) Telephone reception
If the balance of your account is not zero, we will ask for information about your account at another bank. Please have ready the cash card, etc., for the financial institute to which the balance of your account is to be transferred.

(2) Application form
We will mail you an application form for the termination of your account. Enter the required items in the account termination form and mail it back. After the aforementioned document is received by Seven Bank, we will terminate your account.

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